Colorful Butterfly Design Genuine leather Shantiniketan Small Coin Purse




These leather coin purses are a classic example of age old Shantiniketan craft. It was introduced in West Bengal, India during the 1940s. The traditional motifs used for this Shantiniketan coin purse depict the rich cultural heritage of India. It derives its name from the place where it was first introduced – Shantiniketan. The Santiniketan style evolved as a result of the Art Movement. These products have now become world famous for their applique, batik and embossed craft work. Moreover the process of burnishing the leather gives it an elegant sheen and brings out the colors. The embossing craft is an intricate process. After the final leather is made, it is then stitched into the desired product . Finally the product is coated with a lacquer finish for making the product shiny and long lasting.

Depicts Beautiful Ethnic Indian West Bengal Art.
Width 10 cm, Height 9 cm.
This Bag has 1 zipper pocket.
100% Pure Shantiniketan Leather.

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